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Share Your Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Get Your Insurance Policy Issued Faster

Human API is a health technology company that gives consumers a simple way to share EHR data with the businesses
that need them. Rather than rely on manual processes that involve phone calls, faxing, or mailing, Human API collects
medical records digitally.


For Producers

With Human API, clients can securely share their health records electronically to expedite the disability insurance underwriting process and replace the need for traditional paper APS orders.

This PDF file breaks down the process into five easy steps.

Note: clients will need their login credentials for their providers' patient portal systems.


For Applicants

My Digital Records, powered by Human API, offers a simple online experience where clients can authorize the release of their Electronic Health Records by connecting their patient portal accounts.

Teach your clients how they can share their electronic health records (EHR) to get their insurance policies issued faster using the PDF below.