The eight steps outlined below make up our underwriting process.

The Underwriting Process

The Disability Underwriting Process

The underwriting process can be divided into 8 simple steps:

1: Fact Gathering

Establish expectations, this is a tough but fair process.

  • Client Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Tobacco use
  • Gender
  • Occupation/Duties
  • Net Income
  • State of Residence
  • Medical History
  • Medications

2: Request Proposal

  • Online at dibroker.com
  • Call direct to our Product Coaches
  • Fax a quote request

3: Carrier Appointment

  • Complete Carrier appointment. Insure your state is not a pre-appointment state; if not then this may be completed with the submission of the application.
  • Check LTC State Pre-Solicitation Training Requirements

4: Present Illustrations

5: Take Application

  • Complete application
  • Get Income Documentation
  • Schedule Teleapp (if necessary)
  • Schedule Paramedical

6: Underwriting

  • Expect 4 to 8 weeks depending on medical history and case variables.
  • Check Status Online at dibroker.com

7: Policy Issued/Delivered

  • Have Policy delivery receipt completed.
  • Get any amendments signed

8: Commission Check Issued