January 8th, 2024

DInamic Cornerstone Income Protection Approved in Florida
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Effective Jan. 8, 2024, the DInamic Cornerstone Income Protection® product (4601NC and 4602GR) is available for sale in Florida.

Business Overhead Expense (BOE) remains under the DInamic 2000 policy series in Florida and is not affected by the new DInamic Cornerstone Income Protection product. For DInamic Cornerstone individual DI, standalone DInamic 2000 BOE and DI/BOE combination sales, please use the new DInamic (Cornerstone) application packet.

Please note: For a standalone DInamic 2000 BOE application in Florida, the EZ App teleunderwriting process is unavailable and the traditional underwriting process must be used. The EZ App teleunderwriting process remains available for DI/BOE combination sales.



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