March 31st, 2021

Upgrades for More Sales

Residency Multi-Life Discount Increased to 15% and other changes

Helping you and your producers sell is a top priority. We monitor the marketplace and seek input from our distribution partners for ways to make our quality income protection solutions more competitive. We’re happy to announce the following changes that will go into effect this Friday, April 2. 

Residency Multi-Life Discount Increased to 15%. We’ll give residents, interns and fellows at most ACGME, AOA and CODA institutions a 15% Residency Multi-Life Discount on Platinum Advantage. This discount was previously 10%. We’ll announce this change to all producers in tomorrow’s IDI Connect newsletter. Please note, the larger discount is not yet available in CA or DC

$7,500 New-In-Practice limits for all MDs and DOs. The new-in-practice limits for all physician occupations will be $7,500. Before, some physicians were limited to $6,500.

Neurologists Upgraded to 5P. We’ll upgrade neurologists, vascular neurologists and other neurology specialties’ occupation classes from 4P to 5P for Platinum Advantage and from 4A to 5A for Business Equity Protector and Business Overhead Protector. Neurological surgery occupations will remain at 4S. 

We’ll update all materials — including The Standard’s IDI Online Reference Product Guide — to reflect these changes on Friday, April 2, 2021. Please contact your regional director with questions.




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