June 10th, 2019

Cheers — we reached $500 million of in-force IDI premium together

Cheers — we reached $500 million of in-force IDI premium together

There’s much to celebrate in our individual disability insurance (IDI) business. Together, we recently achieved $500 million of in-force premium — at a rate faster than others in the industry!

Thank you — we couldn’t have done it without you. This major milestone symbolizes our commitment to help clients live their best lives — even if the unexpected happens. You and they can count on us for the long term.

Among the top 5

We’re among the top 5 companies surveyed in terms of total IDI premium. In fact, our premium grew an average of 8% over 5 years — well above the average of 1.7% over this period.

Since Principal® entered the IDI business more than 65 years ago, nearly 200,0001 clients now have income protection. We’re the only company that offers the entire continuum of solutions for protecting individuals and business owners, as well as their retirement savings. And IDI plays an important role in our overall strategy.

Build on our IDI success

Hard work and collaboration got us to this major milestone, and the same effort — coupled with planned innovation and new IDI products — will help us build upon this success together. It’s certainly an exciting time for individual disability insurance at Principal. Thank you and well done!

Steve Becker

Steve Becker
National Vice President – IDI Sales

Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm
Vice President – IDI


DIBroker East Celebrates Sales Growth in 2018
Multi Life Disability  

DIBrokerEast-Eskra & Associates celebrated a very successful 2018 with a trip to Eleuthera with our top sales reps and their spouses.

In an industry that has seen relatively flat sales growth in the last few years, we have been fortunate to continue growing–we are lucky to have such good sales partners.

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