May 18th, 2020

Assurity’s E-App Just Got Easier
Insurance Coverage
You asked. Assurity delivered.

Starting May 9th, in order to make the e-app process for Term Life, Whole Life, Century+ Disability Income and Critical Illness with Accelerated Underwriting as smooth as possible for you and your client, Assurity has removed the upfront authorization.

It’s now included as part of the completed application at time of signature and submission – and Assurity will email you the final decision.

Here’s the new process:

  1. Start an e-application by logging into the Agent area on the DIBrokerEast website and choosing the Application section at the top of the page.
  2. Verify your email on the Agent information screen before you “Review and Lock Data,” as this email is where you’ll be sent Assurity’s final decision.
  3. After the application is complete—but before any signature or submission—one of three preliminary decisions is made based on the information provided:
    Preliminarily Approved
    – please proceed with signature and submission.
    Preliminarily Approved
    – but a change to coverage has been identified before submission for final approval.
    Referred to Underwriting – requires a closer look by our experienced underwriter.
  4. Based on the preliminary decision and any guidance, move forward with signature and submission.
  5. Assurity receives the signed application and authorization needed to run third-party data, and renders a final decision.
  6. Within minutes of submission, receive an email with the final decision: Approved, Approved with Changes, or Referred to underwriting for further review.
Coronavirus Update
Multi Life Disability  

Many experts are now saying that it is not a matter of “if” but rather of “when” the virus arrives in our community.

We are preparing as best we can to continue to provide industry leading service in the months ahead.

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