April 24th, 2019

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Make a Difference by Sharing True Stories

Read a true story about how a financial advisor made a big difference in one client’s life. It all started with a conversation…

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Social Media Toolkit: Why Income Protection Matters

Make the most of Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May by talking about why income protection matters. It's easy with these ready-to-share posts.

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Quick Quiz: How to Be an Expert on Own Occ

Which definition of disability is right for which clients? The strong Regular Occupation definition that’s built into Platinum Advantage? Or the Own Occupation Rider? Take our quiz.

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Prepare Your Clients and Win More Sales

Preparing yourself and your clients for the application process is a smart step with big payoffs. Get quick tips on how to get up to speed, save time, set expectations and build trust.

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Opens and Closes

Tip: Open a conversation with a real-life example. Keep an eye out for local news stories about unexpected events that left someone disabled.

Example: "Here's a local [insert occupation] who was fit and healthy, then out of nowhere, this [insert disabling event] happened to him or her. How would you cope if something happened to you and you couldn't work?"


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Multi-life Disability Insurance Discounts: One of Your Best Marketing Strategies (Part I)
Multi Life Disability  

Writing multiple lives at the same work place or in the same association can bring the costs down for your clients - while still maintaining all of the advantages of an individual policy.

This blog post focuses on the most common and most basic approach to writing three lives at the same place of employment.

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