April 17th, 2019

Principal: Changes to MNSA rider add more flexibility

Changes to MNSA rider
add more flexibility

Beginning April 15, the Mental/Nervous & Substance Abuse (MNSA) rider1 with up to a 10% discount will be optional on individual Disability Income (DI) insurance policies from Principal®, including:

  • Single-life cases (except in CA, FL, LA, NV).
  • Multi-Life or association cases at the individual level, instead of employer or case levels (except in CA and for all Guaranteed Standard Issue cases).
  • Policies with the Regular Occupation rider.

This change will help you customize clients’ policies based on their needs and budget.

Keep in mind

  • The MNSA rider is not changing. For MNSA claims, the lifetime benefit period is 24 months.
  • The illustration system will be updated with these changes April 15.
  • When completing the producer report, indicate on page 2 whether or not the MNSA rider is wanted on the policy.
  • The MNSA rider is required for the following occupations:
  • Emergency-room physicians
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Pain-management physicians
    • Nurse anesthetists
    • Any resident who’s declared one of these as a specialty
  • Transition guidelines:
    • Ask your case coordinator to review any DI business submitted, pending or issued within the past 60 days. For all other DI policies, the MNSA rider cannot be changed.
    • For the occupations/specialties listed above:
      • applications will be accepted for up to 60 days without the MNSA rider.
      • The Regular Occupation rider still requires the MNSA rider.
      • Contact your case coordinator with questions

1 The Mental/Nervous & Substance Abuse rider is not available in VT. For details, visit principal.com/distateapprovals. 10% discount for To Age 65, To Age 67 and To Age 70 benefit periods. 5% discount for 2-year and 5-year benefit periods. In TX, not available on 2-year benefit period; 3% discount with 5-year benefit period; 5% discount for all other benefit periods.


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