April 3rd, 2019

Standard’s Resident Opportunities

Highlight The Standard’s Resident Opportunities With Your Producers

Optimized Simplified Underwriting rules, Multi-Life Discounts and a new marketing flyer - all for residents. Make sure to share The Standard’s commitment to residents with your producers. This article includes a message you can send to producers.

Seize Opportunities


Changes for Medical and
Dental Occupations, Residents

It is easier than ever for physicians and
dentists to apply for income protection

  • Medical residents can apply for new-in-practice limits with Simplified Underwriting. The details: medical residents ages 18-45 in the six months before or after completing training can apply for an income protection policy up to $6,500 or $7,500 — depending on specialty — with Simplified Underwriting. This means your resident clients can access $500 to $1,500 more in monthly benefits with no income documentation or medical exams.
  • We no longer require medical and dental occupations to submit a blood profile and urinalysis due solely to their occupation. Medical underwriting requirements will be determined by issue age and amount applied for, regardless of occupation.

See Transition Rules

Multi-life Disability Insurance Discounts: One of Your Best Marketing Strategies (Part I)
Multi Life Disability  

Writing multiple lives at the same work place or in the same association can bring the costs down for your clients - while still maintaining all of the advantages of an individual policy.

This blog post focuses on the most common and most basic approach to writing three lives at the same place of employment.


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