September 10th, 2018

Speed up your DI business with Electronic Drop Ticket

Speed up your DI business with Electronic Drop Ticket

Assurity’s new electronic Drop Ticket makes it easier for you to quickly place a Tele-App order for Century+ Disability Income Insurance. Their electronic form is shorter, so you only enter the basic client information and their in-house team takes it from there.

Advantages of the new Drop Ticket:

  • Online and easy to use
  • Requires only minimal client information
  • Speeds up the application process

You’ll find the new electronic Drop Ticket on iPipeline, just select Assurity's Century+ DI Tele-App. If you have any questions, please contact DIBroker East.

Multi-life Disability Insurance Discounts: One of Your Best Marketing Strategies (Part I)
Multi Life Disability  

Writing multiple lives at the same work place or in the same association can bring the costs down for your clients - while still maintaining all of the advantages of an individual policy.

This blog post focuses on the most common and most basic approach to writing three lives at the same place of employment.


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