August 22nd, 2018

Ameritas Increases Limits on Individual Disability Income Policies for 6M & 5M Occupations

Effective immediately, for issue ages 55 and under only, Ameritas is increasing their maximum issue limits to $20,000 for 6M occupations, and $17,500 for 5M occupations on individual disability income contracts.

These changes do not apply to Business Overhead Expense contracts or Guaranteed Standard Issue business.

As the marketplace continuously changes, please rest assured we are monitoring these limits and will respond as needed to ensure Ameritas remains competitive. The new changes are reflected in the maximum issue limits chart below:


Transition Rules


  • For applications currently in underwriting, the higher issue amount will be given upon receipt of a written request and a revised illustration reflecting the increased benefit.
  • For policies issued on or after May 20, 2018 a reissue with the higher amount may be requested in writing, subject to receipt of the original policy, a new illustration and the premium difference, no later than 90 days from the original policy issue date.
  • Request must be sent to your new business representative.
  • For situations other than above, normal replacement rules will apply.
  • All requests are subject to underwriting approval.

The agent guide, DI 1228, will be updated to reflect these changes. The illustration software, LifeDesigns will reflect these changes and will be ready for quoting effective September 30.

True Own Occupation Definition in a Disability Insurance Policy:
Is it Worth the Cost?
(Part 2: Physicians and Dentists)
True Own OCC  

The short answer for physicians and dentists is a qualified yes, in contrast to my short answer in Part I of this blog which was usually not.


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