October 4, 2017

Sales Boosters: New Materials and Residency Discount InstitutionS From The Standard

Share the New Family Care Benefit Flyer

Most income protection policies pay benefits only when the policyowner can’t work due to injury or sickness. But what if a family member becomes seriously injured or sick? Share this flyer with consumers to show them how The Standard’s Platinum Advantage can help them take time for caregiving.

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Income Potential: Updated Producer Bonus Flyer

Show your producers how it can pay to stick with The Standard. We’ve updated the Producer Bonus Flyer with an income potential chart. The chart shows commissions a producer selling $50,000 each year for 15 years could earn.

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Explore Established Residency Discounts

Competitive occupation classes, the Student Loan Rider, the Family Care Benefit, Unlimited MDSA and Own Occupation — these are among the Platinum Advantage features especially appealing to residents. And you can offer residents an additional 10 percent discount at most ACGME, AOA and CODA institutions. Find out more about the Residency Multi-Life Discount and which institutions already have the discount in place, which any producer may use.

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Welcome New FAB Members

Karen Gardner, manager of Metro DI, and Wes Bryan, GSI representative for Plus Group Texas, will join The Standard’s Field Advisory Board, effective Jan.1, 2018. This letter from Doug Waters, 2nd VP of IDI Sales, introduces Karen and Wes, and thanks the outgoing members, Jeff Peterson and Mike Zimmerman, for their years of FAB service.

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It’s Better to be Lucky than Good: Update on Hurricane Irma from DIBrokerEast-Eskra & Associates
Jill Fronhardt  

Monday, September 18th 2017, about a week after Irma passed through South Florida...

Thank you to our clients and colleagues throughout the industry for the many, many messages of support and prayers that we received leading up to the storm…


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